Jun 9, 2011

Thesis project: FINISHED!

Hi all!

I finaly managed to complete my thesis project. Me and a couple of friends did a custom map for L4D2 as our thesis project. I did some of the technical stuff and modeled a few things.

Here they be!

Apr 28, 2011

Loong time is loong.

Hello to anyone that might be reading.

Some late news: my internship at Piñata ended in January... and right after that I started working there fulltime :P
Things could have not gone better than this! Yay for me!

In other news, a new baby and a new house :D

Sep 9, 2010



Now I can realy use that word!

So this autum is going to be great, as we are doing our internships now.
I landed my self a pretty nice spot at Piñata wich is an Animation & Illustration Studio here in downtown Helsinki.

This is going to be interesting and I'm hyper exited about this! I even get to see Tuomas Korpi in action!!

Jul 26, 2010

ShowReel 2010


Here's my newly completed showreel!
Please feel free to comment as usual.

Jul 17, 2010

Some more animations.


I just uploaded some more animations I have done.

These were made during last winter for Finnish TV channel Nelonen.
Our school has done animations for Nelonen the past couple of years. They were made for different themes or seasons to be shown in between the programs and commersials.

Our's are going in the morning childrens programs and shown in the start of the programs where they tell what's comming next.

In the project we did all the stuff you see our selves from start to finish, We were assigned in teams for different task so we could do things in the same time and in the time limit we had.

I was handed the jod to do the rigging and skinning of the characters. All of us animated a couple of scenes too once all the other jobs were completed.

Jul 7, 2010

Animations... by me!!


This is a funny thing this blog...
I just remembered one more thing to post here and that's my animations that I have on youtube!

Jul 3, 2010

Old school work.. not oldschool.. just old... and school.


I just realized now that I have this blog I should maby put some of my school works here for you to see :P
So here are some random imeges from my archives.

PS: please!!! please!!! don't mind the quality of some these... they are old... and school work :P

Environments with different lighting. 1st year.




Rigging! 2nd year.

This was made during 3ds Max rigging class.
We were required to make two different robots with one being biped and the other quadruped.

Modeling :) 1st year.

In our second modeling class we were required to make an instrument!
So I made this Squire Fender wich I own in real life too :P

This came out quite nice in retrospect looking at it after three years.

More modeling! 1st year.

In our first real modeling class we were going to make a tool box for a profession.
We could choose what profession we wanted so I picked an assassin :)
They need a tool box too!