Jul 3, 2010

Old school work.. not oldschool.. just old... and school.


I just realized now that I have this blog I should maby put some of my school works here for you to see :P
So here are some random imeges from my archives.

PS: please!!! please!!! don't mind the quality of some these... they are old... and school work :P

Environments with different lighting. 1st year.




Rigging! 2nd year.

This was made during 3ds Max rigging class.
We were required to make two different robots with one being biped and the other quadruped.

Modeling :) 1st year.

In our second modeling class we were required to make an instrument!
So I made this Squire Fender wich I own in real life too :P

This came out quite nice in retrospect looking at it after three years.

More modeling! 1st year.

In our first real modeling class we were going to make a tool box for a profession.
We could choose what profession we wanted so I picked an assassin :)
They need a tool box too!

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